Friday, December 19, 2008

FFF - Christmas Memories

Man I just can't get back into the blogging thing - it seems like I haven't posted in ages (partly because I haven't had time to download pics which is very unlike me). Maybe things will slow down a bit and I'll get back into the groove.

Since I hadn't downloaded any pictures recently, and Sarah did post a specific theme, I decided to do Christmas memories. Check out more FFF here.

Riley's FIRST Christmas - she was a whole month and a half old and slept thru the whole thing, seriously. At least I got her "Baby's First Christmas" jammies on her, but other than that, she wasn't very festive!!

Riley's SECOND Christmas, she was about 13 months old and boy did she have fun!! I had had sinus surgery on the 23rd, so I wasn't super with it, but it was fun to see how much more she enjoyed everything and to watch her play with all of her new goodies!!

First sled ride - that was actually in a laundry basket - it just seemed safer at the time :)

Boy did she love her kitchen, even at 1, she would play with it for a long time!! I'm glad we didn't wait until she was older to get this!!

Riley opening her stocking with "loopy" mommy.

Riley's THIRD Christmas, she was 2, and she opened everyone's presents, really, I don't think there was a present at our house that wasn't opened by this little sweetie!!

She also loved her "puter" also known as a portable DVD player - Daddy did too that was he could watch something besides Dora on tv :)

This was also the day she decided to empty out EVERYTHING from her drawers, ornery little thing!


Leslie said...

awwww i love the Christmas past photos!! What a sweet baby!!!!


Kangamoo said...

I love the laundry basket ride. We should try that when we go through all the sleds we have, I know I will still have laundry baskets (usually with laundry in them)

I love that she opened all the presents. By the time my first was 3, he had a younger sibling, so he had to learn which ones were his and which were for his sister.

Love to you and Merry Merry Christmas

Robyn said...

What beautiful pics!! Merry Christmas to your family!!