Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Riley's missing someone

Sorry it's been ages since I've posted, I'm just not feeling super so I can't get motivated - I even took the afternoon off yesterday to go home and take a nap and nap I did!! Now if only my head didn't feel so plugged up.........

Anyway, back to my post, my Riley is quite the little drama queen sometimes, but it's just so cute!!! She really wears her emotions on her sleeve sometimtes and you can definitely tell if she's sad or upset during these moments and if you just look at her sternly it's worse than if she got a spanking, trust me, she'll tear up just the same!

When we were driving to Bolivar on Saturday, we were chatting away and then she got pretty quiet. The sun was in her eyes so I couldn't tell if that was it or if she was tired or something else. I asked her if she was ok and she said "I think someone is hurting my feelings." I smirked, I know I did, but I couldn't help it and I couldn't wait to hear her reasoning because we were the only two people in the car. "Mom, I think the trees are hurting my feelings and maybe someone needs to take care of them." Hmm......I'm thinking quick for a response, because I'm totally unsure what exactly she's meaning here. "What do you mean honey, how do you take care of them?" She says "Someone needs to cut them down." Now this is totally not where I thought she was going, I was expecting that maybe a tree had bothered her or something and I told her that we wouldn't have any shade or pretty leaves to look at if someone cut them all down and she said "well maybe just make them shorter so they aren't hurting my feelings anymore." What a girl we have!

Then yesterday on the way home from the sitter, I look back and she has her little head down and looking really sad and she says "Mom, I just really think that Andy (my sis's boyfriend) needs to be here right now." I told her that Andy was at school and would be here in just a couple of weeks, plus I didn't know his phone number. She says, "I do, it's 276884259321" now if you know us, you'll find the humor in this because our number is mixed in with several other random numbers that mean absolutely nothing (and we're so proud she knows our number and I have a video, but the mean old hubby won't let me post it). Then she says, with real tears in her eyes, just seconds from spilling over "and Mom, Aunt Sarah is all alone and I think she's very sad." Poor girl, she sure does have a heart of gold. Man am I glad that Aunt Sarah will be here in a couple of weeks and that Andy will be here just a few short days later.

Can you imagine what the emotional teen years are going to be like at our house?

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Kangamoo said...

I said for years and years.... I don't have to wait for the teen years to see how my second child will be, she has been that way since she was 2. She became a teenager and nothing changed. Of course her problem was the independant hard headedness... I am sure your daughter is nothing like that.