Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My oh my, hoping to be back soon

I really didn't expect to take a week off of blogging, there were fun things to be posting about, I'm sure there were........but we kind of had the "stomach bug of 2008" at our house and didn't feel like doing much except laying around and trying to feel better. Thankfully I think we are all on the mend, and while our appetites may not be completely back to normal, at least we are all eating and keeping it down.

I have to tell you about my sweet little girl though. When I got sick, thankfully I was done puking by the time she got to the bathroom, but she wanted to hold my hair for me, and rub my face - awe how sweet.

On Christmas morning, I definitely wasn't in my prime, she brought me every single one of my presents before she even opened one of hers since she knew I wasn't feeling well. How sweet is that? I never would have expected that at all, but it sure was sweet!!

More to come, I promise and I think there are even pictures thanks to my sis who took them since I wasn't around to do it myself :)


Leslie said...

HMMM a future nurse???? What a sweet girl you have!

Feel better soon,leslie

Kangamoo said...

What a sweetie.

So when you say Happy New Year, you really can mean it.

Here's hoping you stay well for a very long while now.

Sarah said...

Hey you...so where have you been and how are you feeling??? I'm missing seeing pictures of Miss Riley on a weekly/daily basis!

Thanks for the sweet comments. I really appreciate it!