Monday, December 1, 2008

Mommy - I really like curly hair

Every since we did Riley's hair in little twisty buns and she ended up with some crazy curls when we took it out - Riley has commented on how she'd "really like to have curly hair because it was fun" When I was at the $1.00 shop on Friday I saw these foam curlers and couldn't resist.
I really wasn't sure how to use them, but I sprayed her down and started wrapping. I couldn't believe how patient she was - really she didn't fuss at all!
So if I did this again, I know now, the hair should only be slightly damp, if you are 3 years old and don't really understand the whole waiting thing to get the curls - and some gel or mousse would have probably been helpful too, but you know, this was a learning experiment.
She waited so patiently while she watched part of a movie and we waited........and waited.........and then turned on the blow dryer for a bit to speed things along.
She was SOOO excited when I told her I thought it would be ok to go ahead and take them out.
Not quite the curls we were hoping for, but not bad for $2.00 investment and our family entertainment for the evening. I'm pretty sure she'd have nothing to do with hot rollers at this point, but maybe I could get a little curling iron and see how that goes :)

PS - Have I told you guys about our dress mode that we're in lately? Every single day (seriously every day, we never skip even one) when we get home, she has to put on a dress. We even take one if we go to grandma's house - because not wearing a dress every single day just isn't an option right now. Well yesterday, Daddy packed a dress and no shoes, whew was he in trouble. Riley had the answer though, "come on mom, we'll just drive home and get them and be right back in a minute." It took a lot of convincing, but she did find a pair of Grandma 'Lene's shoes that fit the bill since Mommy and Daddy said we weren't driving home for "fancy shoes."


Leslie said...

OMG she is a DIVA at 3 years old!!! OHhhh your in trouble in a few years!!! LOVE THE HAIR!

Leslie said...

i just awarded you a Christmas award NOW come to my site and get it!!!!


Sarah said...

I can't believe just how much she's growing up before my eyes in pictures. It's so crazy.

It makes me smile to think of Joey packing her dress but missing her "fancy shoes." I love it. Such love!

Have a great day, Rachel!