Thursday, October 8, 2009


So unless you know my sister, like in person, or have seen pics of her from when she was little, this probably won't be a very entertaining post, sorry about that. So when I downloaded pics and was scanning through them (and of course there were well over 100 because I just can't seem to find the time to download on a regular basis these days - who would have though adding a newborn to our family would make spare time disappear hehehe) I was totally shocked when I came to these pics of Riley, because well they totally remind me of my sis - so this post is for you Sarah Rose, I think you have a niece who looks a lot like you, especially in the pic that Mom has in her locket, you know the school pics from when you were like 5 or so!!!

Oh yeah - and she dresses like Aunt Sarah too, just kidding, just had to show one of Riley's latest outfits :)


Leslie said...

ha soooooo pretty that girl!

Jenelle said...

That middle picture does look like Sarah a lot---that's totally her expression. You'll have to show me pictures of your sis when she was little sometime.