Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Last Green Beans Of The Season

Home-grown green beans - there's just no comparison - the canned ones or frozen ones, they simply don't measure up. Now fresh green beans do take forever to cook, but I think they are well worth it and we'll be freezing some tonight, just three little bags full, but that's three bags of yummyness that we'll be able to enjoy this winter when there are no more garden green beans.

This is the first time Riley helped me snap them - and of course she hammed it up for the camera :)

She was a great helper, although by the end the pieces were getting bigger and bigger and she finally resorted to either snapping them in half, or if they weren't too big in her mind just tossing them in the bowl.

Thanks again Grandma Peggy for sharing your green beans this summer - we're gonna miss them!

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Leslie said...

i do love fresh beans too!!! i will miss them ;o(