Friday, October 2, 2009

Riley Makes Me Laugh - A LOT!

Mommy I can't wait to go to school because someone's going to ask me out. They are going to say 'ohhhh look at that pretty girl'

I think we should get some spoiled eggs at the grocery store
(I think and hope she meant boiled eggs)

Mama, are you going to take Taylor with you to work.
No sweetie I would really like to take both of you, but Tom says I can't because then I wouldn't get any work done.
Well Mom, I can be boring with you.

"Mama when I grow up I want to work with you - I can be the mailroom girl"
(and we have no mailroom girl - it's just a room with a copy machine, file cabinets, postage meter, and some hole punches - which happen to be her favorite, she could 2 hole and 3 hole punch for a good 30 minutes probably and not get bored).

I hear her fussing around so I tip toe into her room and see she's uncovered and wearing a nightgown and must surely be cold. I cover her up and she says "I don't want covers" and not in a nice tone of voice by any means. She then wakes up, rolls over and sweet as can be says "Mama, I'm cold"

"Mama, want to play tug of roll"

"Ummm, Mama, this, is the best, chocolate pudding ever, it's just delicious"
please insert small bites at every comma followed by lots of lip licking


Leslie said...

omg they make me LOL soooo much at this age!!!AWWW cute!

Jenelle said...

I love your hilarious girl. Only tell her she is NOT allowed to think about going out with boys yet! OH brother!