Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Tap Shoes"

You know - I was just sleeping, peacefully as can be, when Mama decided she needed to start taking my pic. She's kind of silly since she started this blogging thing because she takes pics of things she probably never would have the first day I wore socks.

Today she wanted you to know that it's the first time I wore shoes - they are still way too big, but they look pretty cute with my outfit and if you don't squeeze mo toes then you'll never know that there's probably at last an inch of room there to spare - growing room we'll say.

I kind of woke up here - you can tell I'd rather be sleeping!

She gave me my bink just to make sure I wouldn't cry, don't mind that it doesn't really match my outfit, Mom's are kinda silly about that sometimes and well I don't have one that isn't pink.

After church though - I sure showed them, I had one shoe completely off - yep, I worked on that for a good minute or two while we were driving to Grandma's house for lunch.

I also had my headband around my neck too - at least I didn't have it over my eyes and moving my head like Stevie Wonder trying to get it down like I do sometimes.

PS - My mom called this tap shoes because that's what my Big Sis kept telling everyone I was wearing, she's pretty sweet, I sure do love her!

Edited: This poor headband is missing - have you seen it? If so, let us know, we miss it!

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