Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Great Surprise

Last week we saw my sis like this - it was great, since we hadn't "seen" her since she went out to Seattle in August. Riley was so excited to talk to Aunt Sarah and even more excited that she was eating soup while she was talking to us (nope, it doesn't take much to entertain my girl). If you have a web cam on your computer - you should totally look into Skype! It's free and it's awesome to be able to see and talk to people who are far away - it kinda makes it not such a bummer!

Tonight I called my sis to see if she was available to talk again since we were heading to my parents' house and was pretty bummed that she didn't answer - guess what..........she showed up at my parents house, AWESOME! She had a secret plan and her bf, Andy (who Riley adores by the way), picked her up at the airport and brought her home. She's only in for a couple of days, but we were all super excited because we didn't think she was going to get to come home until Christmas.

THANKS for the great surprise Sarah Rose, and Andy you aren't grounded for not spilling the beans, but feel free to facebook message me next time, I promise to still act surprised :)

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Jenelle said...

What a sneaky sister you have! :)