Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Edge - super fun day!

Joey's office went on a trip today to The Edge (a ropes/team building/adventure course thingy) at Camp Windermere and man was it awesome. We started the morning with team building activities, like trying to all stand on an itty bitty wood block, and moving thru a "chocolate river," and then in the afternoon moved on to things like walking on a wire 30 feet in the air, a zip line, a rock wall and jumping from the top of a telephone pole to a trapeze - seriously no platform, just the top of the pole....8" if I remember right and we were 20 feet in the air, we have the video to prove it. It was just a great day to hang out together and do some super fun things that you don't do on a regular basis.

We really recommend this if you have a group of any kind (youth group, school group, sports team, whatever - you'll enjoy it!)

Awe, aren't we cute in our helmets

Lisa showing her muscles

Reagan & Dena
Dena being super brave (she hates heights)
Group shot - aren't we pretty :)
Scott & Joey at lunch (which was awesome!)

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Kangamoo said...

Sounds like fun. My kids got to do a similar thing at outdoor school when they are in 6th grade. They all enjoyed it.