Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Great Visit, a Sad Good-bye

If you didn't know, my sister surprised us and we were all pretty excited about the almost 2 days we got to spend with her.
The "Cheese" face must run in the family :)
We ate a lot of food while she was here and all I contributed were chocolate chip cookies (thanks mom for the meals), Riley found a new boyfriend and we're still not sure if she's willing to share Aunt Sarah with him, thanks Andy for playing with her - you definitely made this 3 year old's day! We took a lot of pictures, duh, have you met my family - hehe.
Riley putting on her make up for Andy......oohhh (ps she was pretty upset when I wouldn't let her put on makeup before her 3 year old screening this morning because "I have to be beautiful for Andy" - I really didn't think we'd be dealing with this at 3 years old :)!!)
Riley "sharing" Andy with Aunt Sarah

Andy.......where are you?

Andy & Sarah
Yeah - I'm not sure what Riley was doing

We already had to say good-bye which is kinda sad, especially since we won't see her again until Christmas........unless she surprises us again which would be awesome!!! Have a great flight Sarah Rose!!


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome suprise! Andy is alright, I think that he can stay around.
C-ya at Christmas



Leslie said...

awwwww what great photos with Riley and her aunt!!!

Yep the make-up early thing has started here too!!!! OOHH no we are in trouble!


Jenelle said...

THREE-YEAR-OLD SCREENING? Are you kidding me?????? Oh brother. Riley's growing up so fast.

Love ya!

P.S. I love that she wanted to wear her make-up to be beautiful. Where did she get that? You don't even wear make-up. :)