Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm back

Hey everyone, you might have wondered why my Mommy hasn't been posting pretty pics of me and talking about all the great things I've been doing the last few days, that's because I've been a little under the weather so she was snuggling with me instead. I'd like to tell you I'm feeling better now though so she's already started snapping cute pics and thinking of all the very important things she needs to tell you (like the fact that I'm saying things like "That's just not right" and "Daddy can I wear your tree coat" and "Mommy, I'll be brave" and asking Daddy to sing High School Musical in the Walnut Festival talent show with me next year).

As a side note, if you get eye drops because you have a really bad cold and the dr says that it's starting to turn into pink eye, not like the contagious kind, but the kind because your head is all plugged up and the goo has no place to go, the drops hurt really bad and if you don't cooperate, your mommy has to hold you real tight, so tight you might even have to throw a little fit and say things like "Mommy, please don't hold me so tight, Momma no" and make your Mommy feel really bad and sad. But then, in a couple of days, the drops won't hurt anymore and Mommy and Daddy will be very proud of you and if you are really good, will even let you open the bottle of eye drops all by yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'm back to feeling all better so have a great day!!

Oh yeah, and pray for my Grandma's friend Sandy, she has to have a big surgery tomorrow on her ear, they have to drill a hole in her head to do the surgery so it's kind of scary and dangerous. Hopefully she'll come thru find and heal up real fast, because it's almost Thanksgiving and she wants to be out of the hospital by then. She also wants to be real brave because they'll have to do the other ear in a few months.


Leslie said...

awww i missed your baby girls cuteness!!!!

I hope you guys stay well before Christmas!!! Thats impossible in this house!


Jenelle said...

I'm glad Riley is feeling better! Poor girl (and mommy).

What's wrong with Sandy? Ow.

Kangamoo said...

I was wondering about you and it is nice to have an explanation. Unfortunately it is that time of year.

We will pray for Sandy. Ear surgery is a strange one. My 16 year old had a bone removed and now has a prosthesis in her right ear. It is fun for her to tell people she has a prosthesis because she appears so normal. I am glad technology is what it is and so much is possible to fix. May she have a peaceful recovery.