Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Riley LOVES Her New Shirt

Steve, which would be "My Steve" if you asked Riley, gave her a new shirt yesterday. It was a softball shirt from this fall and a tad bit big, but Riley was SOOO proud she had to wear it to the basketball scrimmage last night. I'm not really sure how the scrimmage went, Riley was pretty busy so all I really know is there were boys and girls playing, and we stopped to cheer every now and then, and Riley had 3 cookies, but mostly we were playing and Riley was excited to see "Her Steve" and show him her new shirt and sit on his lap :)
Riley and Daddy being ornery I'm sure
Her little model pose - where did she learn this?
Jumping on Mommy & Daddy's bed is a favorite


Leslie said...

awww she looks soo cute in her new shirt!!!

She sure loves her Steve!!! soo sweet!


Kangamoo said...

I love her enthusiasm and love of life. How exciting to get a new shirt from HER Steve.