Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring - Please Be Here to Stay!!!

Riley spent most of her week at Papa's house this week while the babysitter's daughter was recovering from Croup and was pretty excited to be able to play outside so much (thank you sunny/warm days oh how we miss you again). She loves to work with his flowers or in his garden, or feeding his little fish in the backyard, anything to be outside. Here she is modeling with some of their pretty Tulips that have come up - thankfully just after the last frost so hopefully they will stay pretty.
Of course, she also likes to go to the grocery store (she talked him in to a cake one day and powdered donuts the next), the post office, the park, or anywhere. She is a girl that likes to be on the go and so does Papa so they get along super great!!
Sadly as I'm looking out today - it's dreary and rainy and not so much warm or sunny like the picture above.............Spring, please come and stay, we miss you!!


Amanda said...

What a cutie! Who could blame the girl. I'd rather be outdoors too. Sounds like she's got grandpa wrapped around that finger. ;)

Leslie said...

Awwwwww i love this pic!!! I love taking pictures of Abby with spring flowers!! Come on spring!!!

have a nice Easter!

Jenelle said...

Spring is never gonna come, Rachel! What is with this year?