Saturday, April 4, 2009

Riley's Love/Hate Relationship with the Characters

Ahhh - her favorite!
She told her story after story after story. Even after our turn was over she was still trying to ask her questions and tell her all about her house that we had been to the night before. It was cute!

We didn't really plana second character meal but it was a great treat at the end of the week - Riley loved seeing a couple of the Little Einsteins and a few other characters from Jojo's Circus- we all loved the buffet which included lots of veggies which we were really missing. She loved Daisy almost as much as Minnie - she even walked right up to her all by herself and didn't look back at all.

Belle - her favorite princess of the moment - too bad I didn't get a better pic, she was pretty good at "cheesing" by the time we got to her.
Riley loved the princesses - the line was very long to get in - and the lighting wasn't good so the pics didn't turn out fantastic, but man she was in heaven!!
These were Cinderella's step mother and step sisters - Riley had a great timje waiting in line because she made a new friend to help pass the time. However, they were very sarcastic (in a funny not mean way) but it totally went over Riley's head. She just thought they were weird since they told her "You can't be in the Old Navy, you are far to young, you must be in the Young Navy" and gave them a weird look and handed over her autograph book.
And then there was Pluto - for some reason (she says it was the whiskers) she was terrified of him. I never expected this reaction, but there were tears, slight screaming, a lot of fussing, trying to leave the restaurant -my oh my - he was definitely not her favorite, but he tried so hard - even peekaboo didn't work.

Because the more he did the worse it got - sorry Pluto, maybe next time!


Leslie said...

OK yeah i agree with Riley that pluto was scary!!! lol

great pics!

Jenelle said...

I love these pictures! Man, Pluto must have been scary. I haven't seen Riley upset like that in a long time. What a bad dog! It cracks me up that they have the eveil stepsisters at Disney World. How funny! Love ya!

Heidi said...

I'm so jealous! Disneyworld is the best. That is so funny she liked the characters except for Pluto!

Kangamoo said...

I am glad she got to see all the princesses. I never saw the step mother and step sisters. What a hoot! My daughter (the 18 year older) was a little put off by goofy, who was tickling her. If she was any younger, he would have made her cry too.

3 cheers for princesses!!