Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Riley's lunch today

I wish I would have taken a picture of Riley's lunch today - because it brought a smile to my face. She had a hot dog - which she was adamant that had to stay in one piece and could not be cut into pieces. She had a roll, which she talked Papa into getting at the store and she had some peas which she adores. Now the funny part comes with the shredded cheese that she had.........care to guess what she did with it? She sprinkled it on her peas and her roll.......and she ate the peas and cheese like it was the best thing ever. Gotta love it :)


Leslie said...

OMG that is a meal that only a child would eat!!!! LOL

p.S ohhh i sooo remember those first trim.of pregnancy..yuck!!! Hang in there its all worth it!!!

Kangamoo said...

I love how you love all the little moments and times of Riley's childhood. Keep it up.