Friday, January 22, 2010

Growing Pains aren't actually from Growing - who knew

For a couple of weeks now Riley has been saying her legs and knees hurt. Usually at night (or naptime) and we assumed that they were growing pains. I never had them growing up, but I had friends that did, and I remember them talking about how horrible they were and how uncomfortable they would be at times. Sometimes it was bad enough that Riley wanted tylenol or motrin or something and we were fine with giving it to her, no reason to be that uncomfortable. I didn't think much about it but called the pediatrician just to be sure there was nothing else we could be doing and they wanted to see her.

That always makes a Mommy (and Daddy) just a little nervous, especially when the words "blood work" were mentioned as a possibility. Yikes, I didn't want to think about that!!

Thankfully - no blood work was required and we learned that growing pains aren't actually caused by growing at all. They are overtired or overstimulated muscles and so stretching is one of the best things to do, especially before naptime and we'll be doing some stretches, and making sure we get enough Vitamin D (by the way the new recommendation is 400 iu's if you want to check your kiddos vitamins - most only have 200 iu's).


Teaching Money to Kids said...

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